Welcome to Mission HERMES

One Planet, No Jetpack, 2 Factions, Unique Market


We’ve applied a few mods to give your adventure a whole new flavour.

Rover « Only »

As Jetpacks are disabled, you’ll find yourself travelling differently, especially with rovers!

Support & Faction chat


Settings & Commands


!hangar save – Attempts to save grid you are looking at
!hangar load [Name or ID number] – Attempts to load specified grid
!hangar list – Lists all active ships and their pcu values that are in your hangar
!hangar sell [Name or ID number] [price no commas] [String Description] -Ex: !hangar sell 4 50000 « This is a good starting ship bla bla bla »

If you have been away for 8 days, type the prefix « !garage » to retrieve your ships from our archives.

/vote – To open the Steam browser on the vote page
!reward – To get the reward package in your inventory (Burger, Uranium, Space Credits..)
!fixship – Debug a grid who doesn’t work correctly
!fixme – If you’re stuck in spectatort
!grids list – If you lost your grids

Work in Progress…