Welcome to Vanilla+

Discover Space Engineers as it’s created, this server is a improved version of the official servers !

Mod only for the « endgame »

Our server is mainly for beginners, that’s why we have added content for more experienced players.


To make sure you always have something to do, you can store them for later.

Support & Community

Commands & Rules


!fixship – Debug a grid who doesn’t work correctly
!fixme – If you’re stuck in spectatort
!grids list – If you lost your grids
!entities refresh – Fix some voxels bug
!hangar save – Attempts to save grid you are looking at
!hangar load [Name or ID number] – Attempts to load specified grid
!hangar list – Lists all active ships and their pcu values that are in your hangar
!hangar sell [Name or ID number] [price no commas] [String Description] -Ex: !hangar sell 4 50000 « This is a good starting ship bla bla bla »

If you have been away for 8 days, type the prefix « !garage » to retrieve your ships from our archives.

/vote alias !v – To open the Steam browser on the vote page
!reward – To get the reward package in your inventory (Burger, Uranium, Space Credits..)
!blocklimit mylimit – List of your limit


Rules on Discord

Block Limits

Per pLayer

  • 10k all blocks & 35k PCU

  • 9 Driller / 9 Welder / 9 Grinder
  • 15 Gatling / 15 Missiles turrets
  • 4 Programmable Blocks

Per grid

  • 10k all blocks

  • 9 MIXED tools (weld, grind, drill)

  • 20 MIXED turrets
  • 2 Programmable Blocks